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Co-op Ambassadors are Owners and other community members who help us spread the word about the Co-op.  Many of our Owners have asked "How can I help make the Capital Campaign a success?"   They have asked for tools and information that will allow you to answer questions from friends and neighbors, and to spread the message about the Co-op.  We heard you, loud and clear.  We have created this page to provide the resources and information so you can help spread the word.

We will add more resources in response to questions and feedback, so if you don't see what you're looking for, send us a comment

Fast Facts About the Co-op

This is a one page information sheet about the Co-op.  It includes the most frequently requested information about the planned store (how big will it be, what will we sell, when will it open, etc.) along with basic information about options for contributing to the Capital Campaign.  It also includes contact information for Mike Johnston, our Board President, and April Williams, our Campaign Manager, so you can refer interested people to us or ask additional questions.

Download the Fast Fact Sheet

A Letter to Friends and Neighbors
Here is a draft letter that you can edit to send to friends and neighbors.  It provides a simple testimonial and asks the recipient to consider making a contribution.  Please make it your own!

Download Letter to Friends and Neighbors 

Campaign Pledge Form

If you, or a friend or neighbor, wish to contribute to the Capital Campaign, you can use this form to send us your information.  We have extended the deadline for pledges to July 10, that’s two weeks prior to our next Owner meeting, when we’ll reveal the plan for the store.


Download Campaign Pledge Form


Other Information You May Need

Frequently Asked Questions About the Co-op
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