Co-op Board of Directors Election: Candidate Information

Please exercise Principle #2 (Democratic Member Control) and vote for the four open board seats. Ballots will be sent to member-owners on Monday, November 4. You can also vote at the member-owner annual meeting on Thursday, Nov. 21 at City Hall. You many vote for up to four (4) candidates by sending their names to and include your name at the bottom.  The Heritage Fund will be collecting the ballots for us. Candidates were selected and nominated by a Governance Committee and then approved by the Interim Board of Directors. Member-Owners also had the opportunity to self-nominate.  

Click on the name to read more about each candidate.  

Selected by Governance Committee:
John Delap
Dan Fleming
Mike Johnston
Shirley Trapp

Michael London

Deadline to vote is Wednesday, December 4th by midnight.  One member=one vote. Only member-owners can vote. 

Click HERE for the CDS Consulting Co-op Elections Field Guide. 

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