Find Your Favorite Farm

Hometown Food Guide Map & PDF Print out

 Looking for local food in the Columbus area? You've come to the right place. Once the Co-op doors open, you'll be able to find local food featured in our full service grocery store. Until then, we're working hard to connect our 890+ members with nearby farms and farmers. We hope this Guide will be a useful community resource that promotes farms and helps more people eat more local food!

 If you'd like a print out of the guide, download this phone book style directory. It lists all of the farms from the map and a basic description of what food they produce and how to find it. Put this on your refrigerator or in the car so you always know where to find local food!


 Farmers, we'd like to include you!

 Farmers, we want to add you to the Guide! If you aren't already listed, simply we fill out a 2 minute survey that lets you create your listing for the Guide. We plan to update the Guide a few times a year, so be patient with us. Please encourage your friends who sell food directly to customers to participate in the Guide, too. We want to include as many farmers as possible! Here's the link! 



If you have any questions about the Guide, email Anita at or call Liz at (317) 258-5217.

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