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- View the Progress Meeting Slides 8-9-18

- Take the Online Survey

- Download the Survey

- Attend the August 23 and August 30 Public Meetings

To all Owner/Members of the Columbus Food Co-op:

We recently concluded our Capital Campaign, which aimed to raise $750,000. When combined with a
substantial contribution from our landlord, this would have given us 50% of the $2.1M needed to build
out and open our store at 1580 Central Avenue in Columbus. With these funds in hand, we would have
been able to attract the other 50% in commercial loans.

Unfortunately, the campaign fell far short of our goal. Combined collections and pledges totaled
approximately $210,000. This result is disappointing, given the energy and efforts of dozens of
volunteers and the monetary contributions of nearly 80 of our owners.

After accounting for campaign and other expenses, the Co-op currently has about $100,000 in cash – far
less than is needed to move forward with our current plan.

To view the slides from the Progress Meeting 8-9-18 about our financial background, CLICK HERE. 

The Board of Directors has considered our options and identified two possible paths forward:
1. Go out of business.
2. Open a smaller, less expensive store.
We must decide which path to take by September 15 – the deadline for opting out of the lease on our
store site.

Because this decision is so significant for the future of the Co-op, the Board wants to ensure that we
have adequately informed our owners about these options, that we have answered your questions and
listened to your opinions. We are spending several weeks soliciting your input.

First, we are holding open meetings to present additional details on the current situation, describe the
options for going forward, and answer questions. We have held two such meetings already and will
hold two more on August 23 and August 30. (Additional details below.)

Second, we are conducting a survey of owners on the two options. Click here to download the survey. You can mail or email your answers back in. Each owner household is being asked to indicate their preference for one of the two options. Those choosing the smaller store option will also be asked to tell us their level of financial support for the project.

The Board will review the results of the survey at its meeting on September 4, 2018. We will consider
the level of financial support available and will make a decision on which path we take. That decision
will be published on September 5.

To ensure that every owner has a chance to review the details, we will be publishing all of the materials
covered in the meetings and a copy of the survey here.

Additional updates will be posted here as they become available. An online version of the survey will be available in the next few days. All future communication about this decision process will be published here, with notices delivered to you via email.

I strongly encourage you to attend one of the meetings and to complete the survey.

Thank you for all you do to support the mission of the Columbus Food Co-op.

In cooperation,

William M. (Mike) Johnston
Board President
Columbus Cooperative Grocery & Market, Inc.
DBA Columbus Food Co-op


Public Meetings:
- Thursday, August 23 and Thursday, August 30
- 6:00 – 7:30pm
- 1580 Central Avenue, Columbus (the Co-op store site)
- Seating is limited. Please bring your own chair.
- All are welcome to attend. Due to the nature of these meetings, we will not be providing childcare.


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