How is the Co-op Different?

  1. How is Columbus Food Co-op different from other grocery stores in our community?

    We are lucky to have numerous, high quality grocery stores in our community. A Co-op is different from the other stores because it contributes to the local health, education, access and economy.  A Co-op’s priority is to serve the community in which it lives and bridge the gap between local access to farm fresh food and consumers year-round. There are numerous differences but let’s focus on two main ways Columbus Food Co-op is different from conventional stores and you can learn more about by visiting our website. First, a co-op is locally owned by YOU. Community members own shares in Columbus Food Co-op which allows owners to make decisions on behalf of the co-op. Owners get a VOTE. Second, our goal will be to stock local items on the store shelves. We live in some of the most fertile soil in the country, yet most of our food is shipped in from thousands of miles away. Columbus Food Co-op will source locally whenever we can--that means you'll be able to find hundreds of local products including produce, meat, dairy, honey and even baked goods at YOUR co-op! When the Co-op says local it means within a 100-mile radius of our location.  
  2. How will you be able to compete with other grocery stores?

    We will have different and broader offerings than other local grocers – their emphasis is on price and variety within the high volume mainstream. Columbus Food Co-op will emphasize locally produced products to help stimulate local agriculture, eliminate the impact of local distance shipping and cycle money through the local economy. Columbus Food Co-op will emphasize naturally produced and organic products with due consideration for impact on the environment to provide tastier, more nutritious products. Columbus Food Co-op will provide educational services allowing shoppers to make better, informed and more healthful choices.  Columbus Food Co-op’s priority is to offer local so our inventory of local products will be significantly larger than what is offered in other groceries.
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