Interested in Farming? Great Local Opportunity!

**Message below is from a local resident.  If you’re interested, please contact him (info below) or SaraBeth and she will help connect you.  Thanks!

Dear Aspiring Farmer, 

I have a four acre former alfalfa field that is fairly flat, good soil.  I also have a 16' X 100' unheated hoophouse in which I have grown vegetables directly in the soil. A small corner of the acreage has been planted in asparagus, grapes and wildflowers which I would like to expand to include bramble fruit and garlic etc.  I have tried to grow vegetables for the past 2 years, but my time just doesn't allow me to be successful.  I am willing to provide all the inputs; land, seeds/transplants, fertilizer, plastic and irrigation, equipment etc.  I have various small equipment and a tractor that runs occasionally ( though I wouldn't couunt on that for much).
What is need is someone to provide full-time labor including; planting, growing, harvesting, selling etc.  This acreage has tremendous potential, I just don't have the time to work it.  I say a partnership because there would be no salary involved, I would provide all the inputs, the partner would provide the labor and we would split income from sales in half.  I can occasionally provide labor and marketing, just not consistently. I think by partnering with someone, this venture will be much more successful than hiring employees.  People tend to work harder when they have motivation to see greater profits from their effort compared to just earning an hourly wage.

In the past I have been funded for several research and demonstration grants, I would like to begin with this again sometime later as well.

My ideal partner would be a young couple that has experience/education in agriculture.   One would be required to be full-time, NO OTHER JOB OR OTHER LAND/GARDEN TO CARE FOR! The other would  be able to help but would likely need at least a part-time job at first.  This land requires full-time work, I tried to do it part-time and it just doesn't work.

Also depending on their situation, I own a home nearby that has 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths and a 1 car garage that I could rent to them.    I would have to get $800/ month to make the mortgage payments, but that is pretty cheap rent for a house like that in Columbus. It is a nice home, sits on nearly 2 acres, but I plan to pasture sheep on part of that.

Anyway, this seems like a perfect opportunity for someone that would like to become a farmer but doesn't have access to land.  There is great potential for income, someone who is motivated can make as much money as they are willing to put in the work for.

812 603-7722

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