Jolie Buchanan

In 3-4 sentences, please share a bit about yourself, including your length of residency in Bartholomew County.

A native of Columbus, I attended school in Bartholomew County then graduated from Butler University with degrees in Communications and Journalism. Afterwards, I traveled the country working with nonprofits organizations in various capacities building connections, campaigns and membership around a healthy environment, sustainability for family farmers and wellness of our bodies, minds and spirits.

Why did you become a member of the Columbus Co-op and why are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors?

Becoming a member of the Columbus Food Co-op was a no-brainer for me. From my 15 yrs + experience working in and with cooperative efforts, I know that it is essential to have individual support in a community to build a strong foundation for our Co-op. This enables us to build a larger community of individuals, businesses, and various community partners which will not only open the doors but can springboard into an excellent opportunity for the community at large in Bartholomew.  

Please share any personal, professional or volunteer affiliations that will help your service on the Board.

I bring 20+ years in community organizing, grant writing and building strong bridges to community partnerships as well as extensive work in strategic planning, leadership development, and non-conflict resolution. I have transferred this skill set into multiple organizations from Environment America and Sierra Club to Farm Aid, the Southern Indiana Center for the Arts (SICA) and The Columbus Arts Council.

What specific talents, skills, expertise, and experience do you believe you can share with the Co-op?

15+ years in Fiscal Administration of Non-profits; 10+ years experience in retail and wholesale markets; 10+ years experience as a small business owner; I am also a painter, potter and photographer and owner of Jolie B Studios, LLC since 2006.

Feel free to share anything else you think would be valuable for the membership to know about you.

This an excellent opportunity to enrich our community, optimize our health and bring economic opportunities for small business owners in the Columbus area.

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