Kevin McCracken

In 3-4 sentences, please share a bit about yourself, including your length of residency in Bartholomew County. 

I have lived in Bartholomew County all of my adult life, except for four years during which I lived in Bloomington. I work in higher education and I had a 16-year career in non-profit management and mental health services. I am a husband, a father, and a grandfather.

Why did you become a member of the Columbus Co-op and why are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors?

I became a member of Columbus Food Co-op several years ago because I wanted to help bring a full-service natural foods, cooperatively-owned grocery to Columbus. I am interested in board service because I believe that my experience and training will help bring the vision of the co-op to reality. For the past three years, I have worked closely with co-op consultants and have learned much about the start-up process, the industry, and our community.

Please share any personal, professional or volunteer affiliations that will help your service on the Board.

I am an owner/member of Bloomingfoods. Also, I have attended five co-op conferences: Up and Coming-Up and Running (3x), Consumer Cooperative Management Association (1x), and Illinois Food Co-op Start-up Day (1x). In addition, I have participated in dozens of hours of phone and face-to-face discussion with nationally recognized co-op experts and consultants.

What specific talents, skills, expertise, and experience do you believe you can share with the Co-op?

I have more than 10 years’ experience as a manager with profit and loss responsibility, having managed budgets of more than $1.5M. I started a grant funded ($500,000) regional training center which is still in operation, 10 years later. .I also started a social enterprise business that began with $4,000 and within five years had annual revenues of more than $600,000 and employed more than 50 staff (half of whom had a psychiatric disability). That business is still in operation after 10 years.

In addition to serving as board president for the co-op, I have served on several other boards: Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Leadership Bartholomew County, Thrive Alliance, IU Alumni Association Executive Council, and IUPUC Alumni Association.

My business start-up and management experience, graduate business education, and leadership experience position me well to serve the co-op.

Feel free to share anything else you think would be valuable for the membership to know about you.

I attended a co-op workshop once and the facilitator began by asking everyone to raise their hand if their involvement with the co-op had changed their lives. Everyone raised their hands, including me. My service to the co-op has taught me many things about co-ops, leadership, board dynamics, and our community.
I remain dedicated to serving the co-op in any capacity and I will work tirelessly to achieve the realization of our vision of a full-service, natural foods, cooperatively-owned, grocery in Columbus.

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