Meet your new board president!

jb.pngIt is an exciting time for your Columbus Food Co-op as we prepare for the Fall and continue work on selecting a great location. As member owners we know it is a wise investment in our future and children's future to have a store that reflects our values, heritage, and diversity with resources as close to home as possible.

You the members elected Kevin McCracken, Sarah Grey, and I to the board last November and it has been an honor to sit on the board with them, and all the board members, as they've all taught and shared so much. As with last November, I am still happy to help in whatever way I can to bring a meaningful, cooperatively owned, full service grocery store to our community. 
As a "working" board, our role is to serve the member-owners, the mission, and to get a store open! It's the toughest, and most rewarding, stage to be in. So, in the coming months I hope to hear from the community about exciting things like store design preferences, product mixes, and educational topics to address. We already have gotten a lot of awesome feedback on our renewed mission statement and core values discussion, so I know the passion is out there for this store. The sooner we can bump up membership (and eventually investments too) the better because we will have the store we've imagined. Sounds good, right?
Jon Bachmeyer
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