Columbus Food Co-op is modeled on Bloomingfoods in most ways including its membership program. For a one-time $90 member-share, you help create this wonderful cooperative grocery in Columbus, Indiana! Join the effort to connect our community and surrounding ones with healthy choices, locally grown produce, and natural and organic products unavailable in most other groceries in Columbus.

Recognizing that $90 is not necessarily readily available for many of us at one time, we have arranged for members to make the payments in three installments. The time limit for payments is one year. We look forward to assisting anyone who would like to make an arrangement. You may simply indicate this on your membership application.

The cooperative is a not-for-profit that will promote community support in a way that no other grocery store or market does! Examples include: support for the arts, local not-for-profits, healthy communities agenda, education about nutrition and health choices, potential cooking classes using seasonal produce and locally grown produce and meats, support of local growers, vendors and suppliers.

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Why Join Now?

Every successful co-op starts with committed member/owners. Your membership will empower us to secure our business plan with local financial institutions and investors and with making a site location commitment. We currently have 876 member-owners! ISphoto.jpg

  • What are Member/Owner Benefits?
  • Member Discount Days
  • Member Appreciation Days
  • Community Partner Discounts
  • Pre-Order Discounts
  • Possible Community Grants
  • Monthly Natural Foods Newsletter
  • Patronage Refund
  • Co-op Governance

Terms and Conditions of Membership

  • I agree that only persons living in my household will use this membership.
  • I certify that I am at least 18 years of age.
  • I understand that the “Legal Member of Record” is the person to whom all official co-op mailings are addressed, who is the official voting member in all co-op elections, and who receives any and all monies potentially disbursed, including patronage rebates and a refund of equity.
  • I understand that full rights of membership are granted upon full payment. Payment is to be completed within one year of the date below. If payment is not complete by then, all monies paid toward the purchase may be refunded, minus a $25 service charge.
  • If I do not make a purchase for three or more years, and if I do not request a refund of my membership equity, and if I do not provide the cooperative with my current address for three consecutive years, my membership may be canceled and my membership equity donated to Columbus Food Co-op (CFC).
  • I understand that this application for membership is subject to the approval of the Board of Directors of the CFC.

Bylaws of the Columbus Cooperative Market

Support from the West Coast

The following is a letter that one of members, from Eugene, Oregon, wrote to her friends to encourage them to support our initative here in Columbus.  Several of Lucy's friends responded and put their money together to purchase a "Friends of the Indiana Farm" membership.  Thanks to Lucy and friends for encouragment from across the country! 

Dear friends,
     Most of you are aware of my efforts towards supporting nature at my farm in Indiana.  Eventually I would hope organic and sustainable farming could come to this part of our Earth including my little farm.  Some of you have expressed the wish to help me in this project.  I thank you for your offer, and wonder if others are interested.
    Many initiatives are needed to support sustainable farming and preservation of nature in this particular place:  public awareness of its importance, local markets for organic produce, local organic feed for animals, and local organic soil amendments.  We are so accustomed to the markets and information available to us on the West Coast that we may not realize the need in other places.
    At this point I feel that my farm/nature/heartland efforts can best be supported by reaching out to an initiative for a Co-op in the nearby town of Columbus.  The brave souls in this initiative are bringing public awareness of the harm caused by industrial farming and of alternatives to industrial farming.  They are establishing a local organic market in Columbus which will be an outlet for organic farmers, and provide good food to local people.
    GMO crops, residual herbicides, chemical fertilizers are the norm here.  At present I am aware of only 2 organic efforts in 4 counties.  I’ve attached a recent newsletter from the Co-op.  You could contribute to them directly (membership is $90,) or I could combine several small contributions into a group membership from the West Coast/ North West.  I love the idea of the West Coasters / North Westerners supporting brothers and sisters working for the renewal of the Heartland.
    Please let me know if this idea sparks your interest too.
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