Michael London

Dear fellow Co-op members,

My name is Michael London and I was born and raised here in Columbus. I am married to my wife of 31 years, Lori, and we have 4 adult children whom all reside nearby.  I have spent most of my life here in Columbus and have a desire to see this Co-op become an active part of the community. As a teenager my parents operated Columbus Nutrition Shop,  a “health food” store in the early 70’s which the finally sold of to GNC sometime in the 80’s, so I had early exposure to nutritional living and have tried to maintain a “healthy” frame of mind. This is why I joined this Co-op, and want to see it succeed. 

I presently am a Respiratory Therapist and work weekends only at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. This gives me time to commit myself to being able to serve on the Board of this Co-op and with my past experience as an officer for several years in a non-profit organization, I feel that I have the experience to be of useful service to this cause. I would appreciate consideration for a position on this Board of Directors.

Thank you,

Michael London

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