Mike Johnston

In 3-4 sentences, please share a bit about yourself, including your length of residency in Bartholomew County.  

I work at Cummins, in the Distribution Business, as Program Director for the Next Gen program, a major business transformation program that will implement new business processes and supporting computer systems in Cummins distributors around the world.  I’ve been in this role for 4 years and have worked at Cummins for 24 years in a variety of IT and management roles.  My wife, Mary Johnston, and I have lived in Bartholomew County since 1998, except for a two year period (2007 - 2009) when we lived in Indianapolis.  Mary and I have been married for 37 years and have three grown children.   

Why did you become a member of the Columbus Co-op and why are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors?

Mary and I joined the Co-op early in the first year, and later became investors.  We are excited about having an alternative source of locally grown, organic and sustainably grown food.  I believe that the Co-op can also serve as an important focal point and catalyst for improving the quality of life in Bartholomew County.  I am interested in serving on the Board of Directors to help the Co-op advance from vision to reality.

Please share any personal, professional or volunteer affiliations that will help your service on the Board.

For the past four years I have served on the Board of the local Red Cross chapter.  This experience has provided me with a broader understanding of our community.   

I am also the co-owner, with Mary, of Second Act Farm in Columbus.  We are a small operation, just finishing our second year, focused on growing organic produce.  We recently received “Certified Naturally Grown” certification (http://www.naturallygrown.org/) – an alternative to USDA Certified Organic that follows the same procedures and protocols of the National Organic Program, without the expense of third party certification companies.  We are one of a handful of CNG farms in Indiana, and I believe the only one in Bartholomew County.  This is a peer review program, and we look forward to collaborating with other small growers who seek this same certification and want to promote healthy local food.  

What specific talents, skills, expertise, and experience do you believe you can share with the Co-op?

I have over 30 years of business management experience, including launching two successful startup companies.  I have recent experience as a small farmer which will inform my decisions about how to interact with similar producers.   

Feel free to share anything else you think would be valuable for the membership to know about you.

I consistently look for new experiences and challenges that broaden my outlook on life.  In recent years I have gone skydiving and completed a half marathon.  I enjoy traveling with Mary, particularly to warm climates in mid-winter, where we can explore new locations and seek out unique local food and good wine.

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