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In the Co-op World

Co-ops are not new, but more and more communities are seeing the value in starting up one. Click HERE to read more about a start-up food co-op in Bloomington, Illinois called Green Top Grocery. 


Co-op Board of Directors Election: Candidate Information

Please exercise Principle #2 (Democratic Member Control) and vote for the four open board seats. Ballots will be sent to member-owners on Monday, November 4. You can also vote at the member-owner annual meeting on Thursday, Nov. 21 at City Hall. You many vote for up to four (4) candidates by sending their names to and include your name at the bottom.  The Heritage Fund will be collecting the ballots for us. Candidates were selected and nominated by a Governance Committee and then approved by the Interim Board of Directors. Member-Owners also had the opportunity to self-nominate.  

Click on the name to read more about each candidate.  

Selected by Governance Committee:
John Delap
Dan Fleming
Mike Johnston
Shirley Trapp

Michael London

Deadline to vote is Wednesday, December 4th by midnight.  One member=one vote. Only member-owners can vote. 

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November Newsletter

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September Newsletter: MANY upcoming events!

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Membership Vote Needed -- Amendment to the By-laws

Member-Owners, if you did NOT receive an email with the proposed amendment to the by-laws and board election news, please let us know ASAP. We realize email addresses change and people move, so please make sure we have your updated contact information. 

Call SaraBeth at 812-343-3588 or



Nearly every co-op begins with a small group of dedicated volunteers. Those volunteers comprise a group that is called by various names, depending on the co-op: Steering Committee, Working Board, Interim Board, to name a few. Every volunteer group knows that at some point, there will be a transition to an elected board. There are several ways to complete that task. This is a very common path for start-up food co-ops. 

The Columbus Food Co-op interim board began discussing elections on August 1, 2012. The interim board has continued discussing elections since then, while also soliciting input from Bloomingfoods and from CDS Consulting Co-op. 

On July 25, 2013, the interim board approved a motion to amend the by-laws so that elections for directors would take place each November, beginning in 2013. A message explaining the proposed by-law amendments and the election process went out on August 1. In order to become effective, the proposed amendment must be approved by the membership. 

The interim board chose a transition model that involves adding three elected board seats. Each year, three additional seats would be filled by elected board members, replacing interim directors. This model, suggested by Bloomingfoods and approved by the interim board—minimizes the potential disruption of wholesale turnover (which could be substantially disruptive during the current site selection phase). It includes a hybrid board (interim and elected directors) during the transition. 

In order to achieve this, the interim board proposed changes to the by-laws to accommodate the transition. In the spirit of democratic member control, Columbus Food Co-op member/owners must now vote on the proposed changes, which include authorizing interim directors to participate with elected members to carry out the business of the co-op. 

Please support your Columbus Food Co-op by voting on the proposed changes. Please support your interim board by voting to approve. 


Kevin McCracken

Interim Board President


August Newsletter -- Lots of important info!

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From a Co-op Member: Ajit from India

Please consider helping a co-op member with her important work in our community! 

I am the Indiana Regional Director for PAX, living in Columbus, IN. Program of Academic Exchange is a Department of State designated nonprofit international high school exchange organization. Each year, PAX facilitates in the placing of some of the best students from over 70 countries around the world. In doing this, we fulfill our mission to create mutual respect among the people of the world, to foster appreciation of our differences and similarities, and to enhance our ability to communicate with one another.

We have been fortunate enough to be selected by the Dept. of State to work with the Kennedy-Lugar YES scholarship program. The YES program advances mutual understanding between the United States and countries with significant Muslim populations and promotes international security and peace by teaching American and foreign participants about each other, alleviating misunderstanding, and making for a better informed citizenry able to deal more effectively with international issues. These teens are chosen in an open merit based competition out of thousands that apply based on their leadership potential, maturity level, personality, and willingness to be a young ambassador. They have strong English skills and are eager to explore America.

This program also has students with disabilities. This last year we had a Malaysian deaf student that was hosted by a family in Greensburg and attended the Indiana School for the Deaf in Indianapolis. The family will also be hosting a deaf girl from Pakistan this year, also attending ISD. Both of these students were generously referred by the International School of Columbus. In order for the students to attend the Deaf or Blind school, they must be referred by a school and IS of C has been so supportive and helpful with this process, with no benefit to them, whatsoever. The student doesn't attend there and really has no connection with the school, but IS of C does the work, generously and graciously.

The reason I am writing is because we have a blind student from India that we are working to find a host family for this coming school year, 2013-14. Ajit is a high achieving student that uses adaptive technology and attends a mainstream school in India. He will be attending the School for the Blind  during the week, so the family will only be hosting on the weekends.

Here is a little more about him:

Ajit is a motivated young man that loves a good challenge. He is known in school as a dazzling orator of self-written poetry. He keeps informed with current events and has impressed peers and teachers alike with debating skills. Ajit “is a confident child who has the ability to interact with people from all walks of life.” As such, he gets along with all his peers and enjoys taking part in various co-curricular activities and projects. Ajit values education of all varieties and in all forms, from classroom lessons to life experiences. He makes a point of surrounding himself with people who can contribute to his development, friends that spark fascinating discussions. Ajit is eager to learn about technological advancements that are not available in India. Furthermore, he would love to learn how to swim, an activity he’s always admired. Ajit’s sense of independence is admirable and he never wants to be perceived as a burden. He is looking forward to his upcoming experience as a chance to step out of his comfort zone and fine-tune his leadership skills.

His interests include: Chess, Running, Poetry, Debate, Yoga, Cricket
Also, he is Hindu, Vegetarian, has 7 years of English and an A GPA

Additionally, I think that most of Indiana does not realize that the esteemed former Senator, Richard Lugar, is responsible, along with Ted Kennedy, for creating this amazing scholarship program which also has scholarships for American students to study abroad. It was created after 9/11 to help promote peace and understand.

I am available by phone, 342-4101, email, or can come in personally to speak with you.

Warm regards,

Christi Reynolds
PAX Regional Director


Cooking Across Cultures Class

On Thursday, April 11 at North Christian Church, we held the first Cooking Across Cultures Class -- part of the Eating Better Together series made possible by the Welcoming Community Grant.  

The class was a HUGE success! We had 24 people attend and we’re planning a second class for May because of the overwhelming response.  Four members of the Pakistani Association demonstrated how to make chicken biryani and suji halwa. Before the meal, Yasir Bhatty made everyone a delicious drink of lime juice, strawberries, oranges, and mint.  Participants were also shown a presentation on spices, their origins, and some medicinal uses.  Did you know cilantro can be made into a paste and rubbed on yourCFC_CAC_chopping.jpg head to help ease a headache?  

This class brought people from all corners of our community together, to learn from one another, and strengthen our community by sharing and conversing with people we otherwise might not cross paths.  

Thanks to the Pakistani Association for the wonderful experience and to North Christian Church for hosting the event.   



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