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b) Strengthen the Co-op
c) Chef Gerard Almarales
d) We Hit 950!
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     By now you have probably heard the slogan for our capital campaign - “Rooted Today… Your Columbus Food Co-op Tomorrow”- and seen the colorful graphic of a big purple beet, with six long roots. Those six roots represent the impact our Co-op will have in our community.

Economic Growth
Wholesome Food
Sustainable Agriculture
Supporting Farmers

     Over the next few months I want to talk about the roots. “Economic Growth” is a great place to start. Let’s consider how the Co-op will influence economic growth in our community.
     First is what I’ll call the co-op multiplier effect. A study by the National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) found that for every $1,000 spent at a local food co-op, $1,604 in economic activity is generated in the local economy (that’s $239 more than if that same $1,000 had been spent at a conventional grocer in the same community). This impact comes as money spent in the Co-op is recirculated. For example, the Co-op purchases food from local farmers, who in turn use some of that money to buy supplies, goods and services from other local businesses. We estimate first year sales at our store will be approximately $3 million. With the multiplier effect, we will have over a $4.8 million impact in our community.

     A second major impact is through new jobs. The NCGA study found that the average food co-op creates 9.3 jobs for every $1 million in sales (compared to 5.8 jobs per $1 million created by conventional grocery stores). We expect to create 20 - 25 new jobs in Columbus.

     Finally, because the Co-op is locally owned - by me, you and hundreds of our friends and neighbors - we can decide how much we will spend with local farmers and other suppliers. Our current estimate is that in our first year of operation, the Co-op will spend over $500,000 with regional farmers (within 100 miles of the store).

     Together, as a Cooperative, we will make a direct and positive impact on our local economy. If you’re a current owner, encourage a friend or colleague to join us. They can sign up on our web site  If you’re not a current owner, but are following us on social media, what are you waiting for? Join us today! You’ll be in good company as an owner of a great company! Thanks for all you are doing to make our vision of a full-service, community-owned grocery store a reality in Columbus.


Mike Johnston, Board President


Help Strengthen the Co-op!

     In order to bring The Columbus Food Co-op to fruition we need your help.  As an owner you have committed to making the co-op a reality. The Columbus Food Co-op Capital Campaign will launch on Sept 13th with an exciting Kick-Off Party at our new location. If you are an owner, make sure you're there to celebrate and create the momentum we need to begin our work on Sept 14th. If you haven't signed up yet, now is the time. Go to to become an owner today.
     We need our owners to step up and be volunteers. It's simple, fun work and we will train you!  The only experience you need is the ability to be passionate about making the co-op a reality.  Please contact April Williams at



"Our food sources are very important, especially having young ones I want to give them proper nutrition not just what is on the store shelf.  Being a chef I have become very aware of what's in our foods.   When we go back to the natural sources of food, we are assured of its quality and wholesomeness.  I want to feed my children healthy, wholesome food.  The food co-op will provide this year round and at the same time sustain our local economy."
Gerard Almarales, Chef & Columbus Resident


We have just welcomed our 950th owner. 
Home-grown and locally-owned is what your local co-op is all about. Join NOW and watch us grow even more. So easy to click & join
"We moved to Columbus in 2015, and from day one it was evident that we had not just moved to a small town, but we had joined a community. We had been looking for a way to become more involved in the community, and when we were introduced to the Columbus Food Co-op, it just made sense.
As we live in a rural area, we will quite literally be supporting our neighbors when we buy from the co-op. As a mom, I am always looking for healthier options, I know I will be making the ethical choice in fresher, locally sourced produce".
Kerry Leigh Goodier


Cooking Across Cultures - Join us at North Christian Church on September 8th as we learn about French Cuisine with Olfa Chehimi. Space is limited, so book your place early to avoid disappointment.
E-mail Sarah Grey at

CFC Street Fair - Save the date, October 7th for our annual Street Fair. Children's activities, music, food stalls, crafts & fresh produce  for details.

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