Progress Report Meeting 8/9/18

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The meeting Thursday was open to Owners and interested community members.

The purpose was, and is, to report on the status of our recent Capital Campaign. We intend for this presentation to reflect the facts as we know them and to do so in a manner free from hype or emotion. 

We (all Co-op Owners) have been working for many years to realize a vision for a full-service, community owned grocery store. Some of you have been involved since the beginning. Others have joined along the way. All were welcome.

Many of us have invested our money and time towards making that vision a reality.

For an in depth look at the presentation please visit the presentation slides

Most importantly, the Co-op is facing a serious decision in the next few weeks. Do we continue to doing what we've been doing, do we pursue bankruptcy, or do we pursue a smaller store?

What's Happening Next?

The Co-op is facing a critical decision at the end of August.  Because the decision in front of us is so important, we want to ensure we have heard the voices of our ownership, so we will spend the next few weeks soliciting your input.  

We will conduct open meetings on August 16 and 23 to answer questions and solicit suggestions. Meetings to be held at the store site from 6 to 7:30.

It is BYOC (bring your own chair!)

Surveys will be available at the site and online. 

The Board will review the results of the input at its meeting on September 4.

The results of the input and Board action will be announced on Wednesday, September 5.

Please participate early and often!

For any questions or input in advance of the meeting, email


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