Site Announcement!

Your Food Co-op location is...

Annual Meeting Wrap-up

Thank you to all the Member-owners who spent Friday evening celebrating the announcement of our food co-op site! There was such energy and warmth inside City Hall. We shared the 2013-2014 financial report, outreach, site announcement, success stories of co-ops across the country, and next steps. This is such an exciting time for member-owners, our board & volunteers, and the community.  

Not a Member? 

The strength and commitment of our community is apparent in the large and growing number of people who have already taken the step to become member-owners even before we had a permanent location! If you've been waiting to join, NOW is the time! 

The Work Ahead

While securing the site is a huge milestone, there's is still plenty of work to be done! It will not happen without the dedication of our members and success of our capital campaign.  Details and timelines regarding the capital campaign will be coming out over the next few weeks. 

What You Can Do Right Now

Join if you haven't!
- Host a house party! We all know folks who haven't joined yet. Let's get together, share our stories, and encourage others to become part of making Columbus stronger. 
- Purchase a gift membership. 
- Consider a loan to the co-op & attend an upcoming info session to learn more. 
- Volunteer! We're looking for fundraisers, grant writers, and anyone who help at future events. 
- Help us share the co-op story! We welcome any opportunity to speak to groups or organizations about the co-op and our mission. 
-Share this newsletter and/or Facebook posts with friends :-) 

Again, thanks to all the Member-owners who attended the Annual Meeting and to all the volunteers who provided food! 




Our Mission: Columbus Food Co-op will serve and strengthen the community by providing wholesome foods and products while practicing and encouraging sustainability. 

Your Board of Directors
Kevin McCracken, President
Mike Johnston, Treasurer
Christopher Clerc
Dan Fleming
Sarah Grey
David Kadlec
Shirley Trapp

SaraBeth Drybread, Project Manager 

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