The Co-op's Location

  1. Why did you select this location?

    This selection was chosen because it meets all of the criteria important to our owners and long-term success of the store. It is centrally located and very visible.  It’s walkable, bikeable, near the trail, on bus routes, has parking accessibility and provides access to fresh healthy food for an underserved area of our community as well as the general public. This location allows us to bring access to fresh, local, healthy food for our community and specifically answers the demand from the Central Neighborhood who indicated, from surveys conducted by the City, that they wanted a healthy food grocery store.
  2. How did you select this location?

    Our first step was to gather input from owners. We hosted in person informational sessions to get feedback from our owners and conducted online surveys regarding the location. We then looked at locations based on the feedback we received from our owners and narrowed our selection down to two sites. From there, we evaluated the sales potential, financing, community support and grant opportunities available at each location and determined that the Bloomington location allowed for unique access to grants and other funding mechanisms not available at the Normal location.
  3. Who made the final decision on the store location?

    The Board of Directors made the final decision taking into consideration input from owners.
  4. How many locations did you look at?

    The Board of Directors looked at several locations over the last 7 years but ultimately it came down to what owner’s wanted, cost, financing, the long-term success of the store and feasibility.                                                                                                                       
  5. Did you hire any outside firms to help make this decision?

    Yes, feasibility studies were conducted by industry experts to confirm the right location and financial projections that are sound and well founded.   
  6. Was this location your first choice?

     No, but we believe this location was worth the wait as it provides excellent visibility, access and is in a neighborhood that serves  a demographic that according to city surveys, shows demand for healthy food access. This location also meets the criteria important to our owners and provides with with a financially sound business plan. As an added benefit, the land owners are Co-op owners and have provided in-kind contributions and support toward our goal in building the store.
  7. When do you anticipate the store opening?

    We anticipate the store will open in 12-18 months from May.  However, it is important to keep in mind that this timeline is contingent on our financing and a seamless construction process.  
  8. How much will the project cost to complete?

    The total project cost is approximately $2.3 million.  This includes build out of the store, equipment, inventory and staff. However, we are only required to raise 30% of the total project cost to demonstrate commitment to the banks in order to pursue traditional lending.
  9. What’s the square footage?

    Columbus Food Co-op will be 8,400 square feet, with approximately 6,000 square feet of retail space.
  10. Will there be parking available?

    Yes, there will be ample parking to meet the requirements suggested by co-op experts in this field.  
  11. Is this location accessible to all modes of transportation including walking, biking and public transit?

    Yes, the location has access for walking, biking and will have bike racks, is near bus routes and has ample parking. The bus lines pass this location daily.  The City of Columbus is in the midst of planning to further improve bike and pedestrian infrastructure in the area.
  12. Are there other tenants in this development?

    Yes, we have been very pleased with the additional tenants that have helped to revitalize the development. We will say that we are very excited about the partnership between Columbus Food Co-op and the Counsellors and look forward to the retail synergy created in this location.
  13. When will construction begin?

    We anticipate that the groundbreaking will take place after financing has been secured-likely summer of 2018.  
  14. How are you selecting contractors for the construction?

    Who will be doing construction work? The actual construction of the building located at 1580 Central Avenue will be handled by the site developer.
  15. Will you be posting updates about the construction?

    Yes, to stay up to date on how the project is progressing, like our Facebook page, follow us on instagram and twitter.
  16. Once the construction is complete, when will I get to shop there?

     As soon as construction is complete Columbus Food Co-op will train our staff and stock the store as quickly as possible in an effort to get the doors open within the 12-18 month time frame we've allotted.
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