Your Ownership

  1. What kind of benefits will I have if I become an owner now?

    Owners have a voting right. Owners now will have an impact on more of the logistical aspects of the store. Moving forward owners will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the shopping benefits owners will receive, the products we stock in the store including defining our product standards. Once the store opens, Owners will receive perks such as “the first to know specials and events”, “Owner specials”, etc.  When the store experiences surplus, dollars are invested back into the store and shared with owners.
  2. I’m already an Owner, how did you spend my $90 ownership?

    Ownership is a $90 commitment and we have utilized owner equity ethically, frugally and are committed to spending owner equity only when absolutely necessary. The Co-op has been operating as a business since 2010, experiencing both revenue and expenditures to sustain the business. As an owner, you have the right to know how your money is being spent and can attend our annual meeting for a detailed financial report or request a meeting with a co-op board member to discuss financial information.
  3. If I'm not yet an owner can I become an owner now?

    Yes, we are always accepting ownership applications and we'd LOVE to have you! We have been experiencing owner growth since inception.  To become an owner sign up here.  
  4. Isn’t my ownership enough? Why is an owner loan or donation needed?

    The co-op needs startup funds. Funds to start the store come from a combination of ownerships, owner loans, donations, outside loans and grants. Owner loan programs are long standing methods used by co-ops to raise money and community support for their stores. They demonstrate the existence of a loyal customer base and reduce debt service making the business stronger.
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